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Hello beautiful :D

Do you have the problem of looking the right foundation for your skin? Either the suitable shade and colour, the perfect type of foundation? Yass! I feel you. It is really hard to find the right foundation, and today after you have finish reading this post, I am sure you will find your dream foundation that suit your skin type soon!

So how to find it? Here are 3 tips on how to find the right foundation for you.


First and foremost, please find out what is your skin type?

Dry Skin?

Combination/Normal Skin ?

Oily Skin?

Once you have identified what are your skin type is, then you can start to decide which foundation to get your hands on.

Dry Skin:

If you have a dry skin, look for a foundation that have any of this words on the bottle/packaging of the foundation-

1. Illuminating

2. Dewy

3. Satin

4. Moisturise

5. Aqua

So if you have an oily skin, avoid any foundation that have the above words. 

Oily Skin:

If you have an oily skin, look for a foundation that have any of these words below-

1. Oil Free

2. Shine Free

3. Magnifying

4. Matte

So if you have a dry skin, please avoid using a foundation that have any of the above words. Its not for you, they are for oily skin.

now, let move on to the Tips number 2...


Now you have know what is your skin type, so using the same fact, this will help you to choose what type of foundation suits you the best. There are 4 types foundation in the market

1. Liquid Foundation

2. Cream Foundation

3. Stick Foundation

4. Powder Foundation

Lets talk about Liquid Foundation first..

Basically liquid foundation is suitable for all type of skin as long as you follow the rule in tips number 1.

Next is Cream Foundation

Cream Foundation is suitable for a dry skin, not for oily skin. 

Stick Foundation

Stick foundation are supposed to be good for oily skin not for dry skin, but nowadays there are also stick foundation for a dry skin, so be careful when you pick your foundation. Make sure you read the label and beware of the words as in tips 1.

Powder Foundation

A powder foundation is definitely for an oily skin, a dry skin never use powder foundation, it will make your skin look cacky and dry.


How to choose the right shade of foundation for your skin tone? 

The answer for this are, you need to test the foundation and blend onto your face and under the natural light, look for the foundation that match the best to your natural skin tone. Once you have identified that, please choose the foundation that is 1 or 2 tone lighter that the foundation that you match just now. This is because most of the foundation oxidised especially a foundation with a moisturiser in it.. so choosing the foundation that is 1 or 2 tone lighter will help you to balance out through the oxidisation. 

So that is all the 3 tips on how to find the right foundation for you. If you want to watch a video on this post and topic, you can watch them below! ;)

Thank you for reading!


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