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The importance of Moisturizer in our makeup!

Hello beautiful.. This week, we are talking about a Moisturizer! 

Before we go further, one question to ask.

 Is a moisturizer so important in our makeup routine?

The answer is, YES! 

wait.. how about for me, that has an oily skin. Do I need to put on moisturizer before my makep as well? 

The answer is, YES! even so you have an oily skin. You still need them for a beautiful makeup.

Now.. lets dig in WHY a moisturizer is so important in our makeup routine and what EFFECT does it give on our makeup.

Why ?

Ask any makeup artist, and they’ll tell you how important moisturizing is – above all else.

1. Helps slow down the evaporation of your skin's moisture.

2. Slows down aging.

3. Moisturizing everyday can rude the chance of extreme dryness or oiliness, leading to acne.

4. Prevent your skin from dryness after applying a few layer of makeup on to your face.


1. Have you seen that kind of dewy and beautiful skin makeup look ? Yes! You cannot get a dewy and healthy skin without applying a moisturizer before you applied the foundation.

2. Have you got a flaky makeup after applying a foundation/BB cream. Well.. applying the moisturizer before will help you get rid of that flaky problem.

3. Smoothen the skin. Imagine a tissue that has wrinkle on it, when you drop a water on the tissue, what happen to the tissue? The wrinkle will goes away right. Applying the moisturizer help smoothen the skin and get a beautiful makeup look.

Actualy, we have lots more benefit and goodness of moisturizer but.. I will stop till here as I think this is more than enough for you to see.. how importance it is to apply moisturizer in your makeup.

Next week! we will talk about how to apply the mositurizer the right way so you can get smooth, dewy skin makeup look.

One of my Personal Favorite of Mositurizer is:


Love you.

xoxo- syahirah

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