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Naqiah Ruddy on 13/03/2021
2 reviews
I bought this set and unicorn set (not sold anymore) and they are VERY NICE ! All brushes are softs. This set will not irritates your skin at all. I love the eye brush so much and still use it until now. Next,i want to buy the improved set since my older brushes are old already
Natasha Sulaiman on 12/03/2021
2 reviews
I bought this Essential Pro Set on 2018. My FIRST makeup brush:) . Antara barang yang memberi kesan mendalam kepada saya sebab ni adalah hadiah daripada arwah ayah kepada saya. Kualiti brush sangat elok sebab sampai sekarang saya masih guna. Tak pernah satu pon bulu2 pada brush tercabut walaupon setiap minggu saya cuci. Kualiti brush sangat soft. U can feel the originality when you used it. Very recommended! Saya recommend pada kakak ipar dan kawan2. Until now they still used it. Worth to buy!

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