Color Switcher Dry Clean Handy

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Will dry clean any color pigmentation on your brush hair. Can switch color from dark to clean, or light to clean with ease. You will get a completely no color on the brush hair. This style is suitable for makeup artist.

Makeup-removing color switcher that allows you to switch colors without having to switch brushes.
The special material allows you to remove pigment from your brushes without washing your brush with water or wet it. It is dry clean alternative to remove the pigmentation. Simply swipe the brush over the black texture until pigment is removed and move on to the next color. The material is completely reusable and can be cleaned by washing it with warm water and soap.
1.This color switcher is for powder color clean only. Not others like cream/liquid🎀

2.This color switcher is to remove the color and pigmentation of the product on brush hair only. You still need to clean your makeup brush for hygiene care🤗

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